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Silicon Carbide (SiC) Powder, Crystal, Wafer, Boule from READE


  • Silicon Carbide Synonyms:
    Silicon carbide powder, SiC, silicon carbide crystal, CAS # 409-21-2,
    silicon carbide wafer, silicon carbide boule, fused silicon carbide, alpha phase, beta phase, silicon carbide platelet, silicon carbide fiber, silicon carbide grit

  • Silicon Carbide Formula:

  • Silicon Carbide Description:
    1) Produced in electric resistance furnaces with a mixture of coke, sand, sawdust, and a small amount of salt. It is blocky and sharp edged. Also from Sic crystals.

    2) It is extremely hard, has a high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Not attacked by most acids and alkaline solutions. It dissociates in molten iron and steel. It oxidizes slowly in air above 800 deg.C.

  • Silicon Carbide Typical Chemical Properties Available:
    Various purities available from a low purity metallurgical grade (90.0%), to 99.0% (black), 99.2% (black), 99.5% (dark green), 99.7% (light green), and up to 99.9995% for wafers and boule.

  • Silicon Carbide Typical Physical Properties Available:
  • Available as irregular shaped powder, crystals, platelets, wafer and boule. Numerous size distributions available from very coarse grits (1/2" pieces) all the way down to 20-100 nanometer particles

  • Silicon Carbide Nominal Physical Constants:

Molecular Weight (g/mol.)


Bulk Density (g/cm3)


True Density (g/cm3)



dark green (black) to dark gray

Decomposition Point (°C)


Surface Area (m2/g)


Thermal Conductivity (cal/s-cm-800°C)


Mohs Hardness @20°C

~9.1- 9.5

Specific Surface Area (m2/g)


Specific Gravity


Reaction Temperature (deg.C)

> 2000


hexagonal- alpha & beta phase

  • Silicon Carbide Typical Applications:
    Bonded abrasive products, abrasive grits, blasting, lapping & honing compounds, semiconductor wafers, quartz crystals, hard metals, refractories, metallurgical purposes, production of exponential resistors, wire sawing, construction industry, a filler in plastics and composites, ceramic sintered parts, ferrites, soft metals, gettering, pump seals, valve components, electric heating elements, and lightning arresters

  • Silicon Carbide Typical Packaging:
    Drums, bags, drums, super sacks & loose bulk

  • Silicon Carbide TSCA (SARA Title III) Status:

  • Silicon Carbide CAS Number: